Understanding Light Is Extremely Important In Landscape Photography

During the blue hour, the sky becomes really colorful! It can turn not only various shades of blue but also orange, yellow, pink and even purple. However, no matter these colors, the sky is quite dark during this time since the sun is below the horizon. This means that you need a longer shutter for properly exposed photos. It’s best to shoot in RAW because that will give you the highest quality files so that you can adjust the exposure in editing if needed. In case your photos come out a little too dark, you can adjust them without ruining their quality.

When it comes to gear, a tripod is mandatory because you have to use slower shutter speeds. It’s also a great idea to use a remote shutter or your camera’s self-timer because pressing the shutter release button can cause camera shake and blurry photos. There are no limitations when it comes to lenses, but you’ll probably want to use wide-angle lenses, maybe even a fish-eye if you’re after some unusual effects.


Midday is definitely not a popular time of day for landscape photographers. But why not accept the challenge and try to shoot some great landscapes at midday? Rather than avoiding the sun, use it to create some interesting, eye-catching compositions that you can’t achieve during the golden and blue hour.

You should be aware that the strong contrast found midday makes it difficult to hold the detail in the sky while properly exposing the foreground. You can simplify your composition in order to solve this issue – you don’t have to include the bright sky in every photo you take! Try to find interesting patterns on the ground and concentrate on them instead on those typical compositions that include both the sky and the ground.

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