Understanding Light Is Extremely Important In Landscape Photography

When it comes to the equipment you’ll need for shooting landscapes during the golden hour, in addition to a full-frame camera, you should have a wide-angle lens, such as 14-24mm or 35mm. Another piece of gear you should have handy is a set of graduated neutral density (GND) filters – they will help you keep the sky correctly exposed. Even though you don’t have to use a tripod for the golden hour photos, it’s still good to have it just in case, since it will allow you more variety in terms of shutter speed and other settings.

Blue Hour

Just like the golden hour, the blue hour happens twice a day, a bit before sunrise and just after sunset. It doesn’t last long – usually between 20 and 40 minutes, so you need to know the exact time of it in order to arrive on location at the right time. The length of the blue hour also depends on the weather and geographical location. You can use The Blue Hour Site in order to plan your photo shoot more efficiently.

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