If you’re anything like us, you aren’t on the internet for celebrity gossip and cat videos.

We’d much rather spend our time clicking through car sites to find interesting tidbits about awesome cars. We’re especially fond of the all-time top performers, the cars that make you sit back in your desk chair and let out a long, jealous exhale.

We’ve managed to combine our online car fascination with our first love – the BMW, of course. This is Coast Motor Werk’s list of the 10 most expensive BMWs ever produced. (So far, at least.)

BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS

Price: $400,000

Our list begins with a car that has been called “the world’s fastest station wagon.” The G-Power M5 Hurricane RS set a record with a top speed of 228.4 mph in November 2008, and it wouldn’t be the last record that the German car tuning manufacturer would help BMW break. The touring model was clocked at 224 mph on the German autobahn, which should be more than enough to get you back and forth from Trader Joe’s.The 10 Most Expensive BMWs Ever

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