The 10 Best Used Luxury Sedans for Ballin’ on a Budget

When you have a taste for the finer things in life but lack the budget to afford them, sometimes you have to get a little creative. Luckily, the magic of depreciation means that used luxury cars are available within any budget. Maintenance is more expensive, as is insurance, but if you buy a car that’s had all the major maintenance done already and are willing to learn how to do some basic work yourself, owning a used luxury car can be surprisingly affordable.

Some luxury cars are better buys than others, and sometimes one of the older generations is a better car than the redesigned one. Even if you have to do a few repairs and some more expensive maintenance work, it’ll be a long time before a $10,000 luxury car ends up costing you more than a more expensive economy car. How can you beat that?

Lincoln LSLincoln

Lincoln might not be the most prestigious luxury brand right now, but because of that, depreciation has hit the Lincoln LS hard. It’s still a luxury sedan with surprisingly sporty handling, though, and neither the available V6 nor V8 will break the bank. Even a fairly low mileage version should cost less than $5,000.

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