How To Photograph Underwater Using A Mirrorless Camera

Additional five items for serious underwater shoots:

  • Focus light and holder to help you shoot more quickly
  • Second strobe kit if you want more elaborate lighting
  • Additional lenses – you can experiment with portrait ones as well
  • Additional lens ports
  • A case for safety – it’s watertight protection for photography gear

Finding The Perfect Underwater Housing

If you want to use a mirrorless camera for underwater photography, it’s really important to choose a camera that already has an existing underwater housing on the market. There are many third-party manufacturers that sell quality housings in case the camera producer doesn’t have any housing options. For instance, Panasonic and Olympus are one of the leaders on the mirrorless market and they make their own underwater housings, while Canon and Nikon don’t make them and housings for their cameras are produced by Ikelite, Nauticam, Inon, Aquatica, and similar brands.

What really matters is to choose an underwater housing that is made of quality materials. Underwater housings can be made of different materials – some of them are safer than the others. High-end housings are usually made of aluminum while cheaper housings are made of plastic.

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