How To Photograph Underwater Using A Mirrorless Camera

The newest mirrorless cameras have a great balance between high-end image quality and physical practicality, which makes them ideal for underwater shoots. Since divers need to carry around a lot of dive equipment, the lightweight and compact size of mirrorless cameras can certainly make their endeavors much easier.

Nowadays almost every manufacturer is producing underwater housings for mirrorless cameras – any accessory you can get for your DSLR, you can almost certainly get for your mirrorless at a fraction of the cost. These housings are really reliable nowadays, especially those which belong to high-end brands and are made of quality waterproof materials.

Before we focus on various housings for mirrorless cameras, we’ll cover all you need for a successful underwater shoot. In case you’re an absolute beginner, you should definitely start slowly and skip things like strobe kits (you can practice with natural light only, at least in the beginning!).

What do you need for an underwater shoot?

The five basic items:

  • Mirrorless camera
  • Lens – preferably macro or wide angle
  • Underwater housing from a reputable seller
  • Lens port – its function is to correct the refractive properties of water
  • External strobe kit consisting of strobe, arm system, and cable – this is for more advanced underwater photographers
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