Get a grip on snow and ice with one of these 8 great luxury cars with all-wheel drive for under $50,000

Mainstream buyers may be shunning cars in favor of SUVs and trucks, but luxury sedans that offer a compelling blend of technology, performance, and design never seem to go out of style.

That’s no surprise.

Not when you consider the engineering excellence behind sedans such as the Acura TLX or the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Indeed, from power and performance to comfort and safety, these all-wheel drive (AWD) sedans are built to provide an immersive driving experience.

In this segment of the market, AWD isn’t just about safety and improved traction during inclement weather or in poor driving conditions. It’s also about creating grip during performance driving – something that almost every model on this list is quite capable of providing.

To help you pick the right luxury AWD car for under $50,000, we’ve compiled this list of our top choices just in time for winter.

How we rated the list

In addition to offering AWD for $50K or less, our selected cars had to meet three criteria:

Choice: Selected cars had to offer luxury buyers choice at the $50K threshold. We wanted you to have some wiggle room to add options or choose a more potent powertrain.

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