Abstract Photography: Turning to Nature for Props

Photography has many styles but they all fall into two categories, documentary and fine art. Abstract photography is the latter. It’s an amalgamation of textures, shapes, colours and patterns. It varies from photographer to photographer, and there are no real rules when it comes to abstract photography. It is all about how the photographer uses his creativity to engage and excite the viewer.

The only equipment you really need for abstract photography is a camera and your imagination. As I’ve mentioned before there are no rules to follow when it comes to abstract photography. It could be anything from a macro shot of a leaf, ripples in water or even some motion blur.

Look for shapes and patterns.

In nature there are plenty of patterns, shapes and colours that can be used to your advantage in abstract photography. Leaves are one of my favorite subject to photograph, as no two leaves are alike, just like fingerprints. They have veins running through them that create an interesting pattern. I like giving them a black and white treatment in post production to remove the distraction from the vivid green colour and focus on the veins.

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