7 Tips For Capturing More Powerful Fine Art Landscape Photography

Capturing powerful landscape photographs, images that might be considered “Fine Art,” is no easy task. Here are 7 tips that have helped me to capture better, more meaningful landscape photos.

Don’t worry too much about the “Fine Art” concept

There are endless online discussions about the true concept of Fine Art, many regarding photography. As soon as you say that you’re a “Fine Art” photographer you are bound to hear criticism, mostly centered around the thought that you are being elitist and vain using such terms.

Paintings or sculptures do not usually need to be labeled as “Fine Art”, as they are intuitively recognized as such. But in the middle of millions of snapshots, what should you call the images you’ve put so much effort into?

The truth is there is no right answer, so I encourage you not to worry about the label.

Choose to focus on the fact that, if you are putting your soul and vision in your work, trying to show the landscapes you witness with the greatest impact and/or emotion, then you are most certainly creating “art,” probably “art” that is clearly “fine”…

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