7 Lessons I Learned From Street Photography

Street photography is difficult because of its undefined and unpredictable nature. But going out and photographing strangers will make you a more creative personand a confident photographer.

No matter what their niche is, I always encourage people to try street photography. You may not earn money from it, but you will face different situations that you won’t come across otherwise. And you’ll learn plenty.

Here are 7 lessons I learnt as a street photographer in the past few years.

Don’t Get Stuck in Definitions

People tend to feel more comfortable when they work within specific boundaries. The moment people jump into any kind of photography, they start with definitions.

The beauty of street photography is that it’s an umbrella term. Its scope is very wide.

Street photography is simply documenting people in their environments. Yes, there are certain types that are popular. Some people tend to shoot environmental portraits. Some are more into tight headshots of strangers.

Whether the street photography should be candid or not is a useless debate. It includes everything from candid moments, posed and environmental portraits to documenting general activities.

That’s the biggest takeaway from street photography. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t get stuck in definitions. Always experiment and go with your gut feeling. That’s how art evolves.

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