11 Tips For Shooting Epic Landscape Photography

Landscape photographer Andrew Robertson explains the best techniques, lenses, camera and accessories for capturing wide-angle landscapes

Put some time into researching your locations to determine the best places to visit for wideangle landscapes

A vital step when deciding what to shoot is to spend a good amount of time immersing yourself in images, articles and websites that can give you a good idea of what to expect when you visit a location. In our connected age, there are plenty of places you can go if you want advice and ideas. Sites like Flickr and Photocrowd are a great resource for landscape photographers.

It’s particularly worth looking back over some of the competitions featured here on Photocrowd. Notable recent competitions include Landscapes in Black and White, Waterscapes, Moody Landscapes and Land Lovers

The thing to remember is that even if you intend to visit a location that had been shot several times before, there’s always a fresh angle to be found. Back in 2015, Andy Farrer won the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition by visiting the often-photographed Durdle Door, turning his back on the famous arches and shooting what was behind him.

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