10 Tips For More Enjoyable Winter Photography

Use A Zoom Lens

Unless you know you’re going to be shooting exclusively at one focal length, it’s a good idea to use a zoom lens so that you don’t have to change lenses in rough conditions.

A lens swap always introduces the risk of condensation. Additionally, when your hands are cold you lose a bit of dexterity and you’re more likely to drop something. Sticking with one lens will make your life a lot easier.

Take A Graduated ND Filter

When doing landscape photography, balancing foreground and background exposure can be tricky even in amenable conditions. Being surrounded by reflective white snow adds an extra level of difficulty.

In order to balance bright snow-covered areas with darker regions of a scene, be sure to pack a graduated ND filter.

Overexpose The Snow

While your camera’s metering system works perfectly well the vast majority of the time, it’s not going to give you what you want when photographing snow.

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