10 Tips For More Enjoyable Winter Photography

For some, winter will come and go without being much of a nuisance. For others, winter will surely overstay its welcome. Even if you’re someone who despises winter (I’m not) there’s no denying how photogenic the season can be.

As you venture into the cold, cold world it’s important to be well equipped and properly prepared in order to have a successful outing. The following ideas will help keep your gear safe and performing at its best when shooting in cold/snowy conditions.

Pack Extra Batteries And Keep Them Warm

Cold weather is hard on camera batteries, which means they will drain faster than normal. You should definitely take extra batteries when you’re shooting in the cold, and you can help extend their life by storing them in your coat pocket rather than your camera bag. Your body heat will keep them warm.

Avoid Condensation

Condensation develops when warm air meets a cold surface, such as when you bring your camera indoors after shooting in the cold. The last thing you want is moisture building up inside your camera or lens (even weather sealed gear is susceptible to this problem).

The best way of preventing condensation is to place your camera in an air-tight bag (a Ziploc bag is perfect) before heading indoors. Condensation will develop on the bag instead of the camera.

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