10 Tips for Best Travel Photography That You Haven’t Done Before

One of the tremendous benefits of my job as a writer-come-photographer is the numerous travel opportunities that it presents.

Make a wish-list

Even if you like to be spontaneous on your travels, it’s always a good idea to have a wish-list of things that you would like to see or experience while you’re away. Your list doesn’t have to be exhaustive and neither do you have to tick off everything on it, and it certainly isn’t intended as a minute-by-minute schedule of your time away: it’s there to help you plan and ensure that you don’t miss your must-see highlights.

Before I left for Thailand, one of the trips I knew I wanted to make was to the Bridge on the River Kwai and Hellfire Pass, constructed by prisoners of war during World War II

You wouldn’t want to miss out on a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai because you didn’t know which days it were open; or not experience the atmosphere around Hong Kong Central station on a Sunday when the peninsular’s army of live-in maids congregate to sing, paint their nails, chat, and eat because you stayed on Kowloon that day.

Having a vague plan will mean that you get to experience some of the drama and wonder of travelling but still have the opportunity to relax.

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