10 Forgotten Concept Cars Of The 2000s

Concept cars inspire the imagination in a way that is unlike almost anything else because the concept car does something very special: it combines the potential of the future, the promises of incredible technology and amazing new things, with a tantalizing amount of reality and possibility. Concept cars from all kinds of car companies are put into shows, where they are right in front of you, and real. It’s like traveling in time into the future, catching a real-life glimpse of what the future is going to look like.

Of course, not every fanciful concept car gets put into production, and not every concept car is, well, desirable or cool. Some are just plain boring, or ugly. Furthermore, many concept cars never get made at all, remaining just an idea of the future, something that never goes on to shape the way the world will be. Further still, once concept cars do become reality, many of them look entirely different than the original concept, sometimes with a raving review, sometimes with a tragic result.

Yes, indeed, concept cars are always fascinating to look at, and they become especially fascinating when the once futuristic concept cars are now dreams of the past, and a barometer that reveals the minds and thinking of an older generation. Often times these old concept cars are completely forgotten, especially if they are never put into production. Indeed, looking at concept cars from the past can be quite the trip. That being said, let’s take a look at 24 forgotten concept cars from the 2000s.


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